Latest Sightings

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Saturday 26th April 2023: 1st Green Hairstreak butterfly of the year seen active

Saturday 8th April 2023: 1st Emperor Moth of the year recorded on the wing.  Lots of Spring Colletes (Colletes cunicularius) bee activity also observed.

Friday 5th May 2023: Lesser Whitethroat singing on the Lower Heath area of the Common

Saturday 5th May 2023: Cuckoo heard calling on Lower Terrace during the afternoon.     In the morning 37 species of bird were recorded during the Dawn Chorus Walk including 2 Garden Warblers on territory.

Sunday 21st May 2023: A male Hairy Dragonfly was observed at Rush Pool.  A first record for the Common.

Saturday 27th May 2023: Hairy Dragonfly again present at Rush Pool.  Also of note there were a male Emperor dragonfly and 6 Four-spotted Chasers.  A male Common Blue butterfly was recorded between Rush Pool and The Bog.

Sunday 2nd July 2023: A Six-belted Clearwing moth was recorded on the Lower Heath area of the Common.  This is only the 2nd site record with a single being recorded previously in 2022

Friday 5th August 2022: Good numbers of Pantaloon Bee nest hole excavations present in the Lower Poolands area

Friday 8th July 2022: A single Six- belted Clearwing moth was recorded on Lower Heath responding to a pheromone lure.  Also, 13 Marbled White butterflies, a Six-spot Burnet moth and a Shaded Broad-bar moth were recrded on the Lower Heath.  Elsewhere, 26 Green-flowered Hellaborine orchids were noted at their usual location

Thursday 19th May 2022: A young Grass Snake was present under one of the refuges that the group has put out in partnership with Worcestershire County Council.  2 male Yellow- legged Clearwing moths were recorded near The Bog

Saturday 7th May 2022: 9 Green Hairstreak butterflies were recorded during the group’s Green Hairstreak & Emperor Moth Hunt event.  Also of note was a Small Copper butterfly.

Friday 6th May 2022: Lesser Whitethroat present near Wilden Top car park.  A Green Woodpecker was also of note.

Saturday 23rd April 2022: Cuckoo returned to the Common and heard calling frequently

Wednesday 20th April 2022:  3 Green Hairstreak butterflies recorded (first of the year)

Monday 11th April 2022:  4 Emperor Moths recorded on the Lower poolands heath using pheromone lure

Monday 26th July 2021:  White-  letter Hairstreak discovered on Lower Heath during butterfly transect.  This is a first site record for this species.

Tuesday 1st June 2021: Red- tipped Clearwing moth recorded on Hartlebury Common for the first time.  After being attracted to pheromone lure at The Bog

Friday 14th May 2021: Cuckoo calling at the Lower Poolands area of the Common.  Yellowhammers back on territory and singing.  18 plants of Tower Mustard counted in it’s usual location. Common Heath moths on the wing

Sunday 2nd May 2021: First Garden Warbler of the year back on the Common.

Friday 30th April 2021: Moorhens have successfully bred on the Rush Pool with 2 young chicks present with one of the parents today.

Monday 26th April 2021: Green Hairstreak butterfly on wing in area near gate opposite Wilden Lane

Tuesday 13th April 2021:  Good numbers of Early Colletes (Colletes cunicularius) bees active within the fenced off area of the embankment

Tuesday 30th March 2021:  2 male Emperor moths on the wing at the Lower Poolands area of the Common.  Also good numbers of Green Tiger beetles present.

Tuesday 24th March 2021: 2 Chiffchaffs singing on the Lower Poolands area of the Common.  Also a male Linnet was back on territory singing

Monday 15th March 2021: First Chiffchaff of the Spring singing from the wooded area on the SE side of the Common.    At least 4 Ophion scutellaris Ichneumon Wasps were active along the embankment.  A Grey Heron was present at The Bog

Sunday 7th March 2021:  A number of Pine Ladybirds were active on Gorse bushes at the Poolands area of the Common.  Also of note was a Gorse Shieldbug and 7-spot Ladybird

Saturday 27th February 2021: An Oak Eggar moth caterpillar was found basking on one of the reptile mats.   A pair of Mallards  and a Moorhen were present in The Bog.  A 2nd pair of Mallards were present on Rush Pool

Friday 12th February 2021:  Stonechat still present in former plantation area

Thursday 11th February 2021:  A male Stonechat was present in the former plantation area of the Common

Tuesday 9th February 2021:  A Marsh Tit is still being seen regularly at the wooded SE edge of the Common

Friday 1st January 2021: A Great Spotted Woodpecker was drumming from the Oak wood on the SE side of the Common

Tuesday 1st September 2020: At Lower Heath there were 3 Painted Lady present on the Devil’s Bit Scabious flowers.  Also of note in that area of the Common were 10 Small Tortoiseshell, 2 Comma, 7 Small Copper, 4 Small Heath, 1 Meadow Brown, 1 Green-veined White, 3 Large White and many Small Whites.   2 Silver Y moths and a female Beewolf wasp were also observed.

Sunday 16th August 2020:  Small patches of Cross- leaved Heath heather were in bloom in The Bog.   Also of note there were a Ruby Tiger moth, a Silver Y moth, a Small Copper, a Migrant Hawker, 11 Common Darters and a Green Woodpecker.   At Rush Pool a Ruddy Darter (male), an Emperor dragonfly (male), Broad- bodied Chaser (male), 4 Common Darters and a Brown China Mark moth were observed.  At Lower Heath 7 Small Copper and 2 Common Blue butterflies were recorded.

Thursday 24th July 2020: The following were recorded on the Butterfly Transect:  5 Small/Essex Skippers; 6 Large Whites; 24 Small Whites; 7 Green- veined Whites; 1 Purple Hairstreak; 5 Small Coppers; 2 Common Blues; 6 Peacocks; 7 Speckled Woods; 112 Gatekeepers; 14 Meadow Browns; 1 Ringlet.

Saturday 11th July 2020: Spotted Flycatchers have successfully bred locally. A family party of 2 adults and 3 juveniles were observed on the SE side of the Common

Monday 6th July: A Lunar Hornet moth was recorded on the Common for the first time.

Thursday 2nd July: A Dark Green Fritillary was observed by a visitor to the Common in the area near Wilden Top car park.

Tuesday 30th June 2020: 2 male Pantaloon Bees recorded feeding on Knapweed at the Lower Heath area of the Common and 3 male Yellow- legged Clearwing moths responded to a pheromone lure on there.   Also of note in this area were 3 Marbled White, 1 Essex Skipper, 1 Small Skipper and 3 Six- spot Burnet Moths.

Saturday 27th June 2020: A Red Kite drifted over Hartlebury Common at 12:50 PM heading southwest

Friday 26th June 2020: A male Orange- tailed Clearwing moth was again recorded on the Common as were a male and a female Yellow- legged Clearwing.  A Scarlet Tiger moth and a Ruddy Darter dragonfly were also observed.

Friday 26th June 2020: The following were recorded on the Butterfly Transect:  1 Brimstone, 4 large White, 13 Small White, 3 Green- veined White, 3 Purple Hairstreak, 4 Small Copper, 1 Tortoiseshell, 1 Comma, 3 Speckled Wood, 10 Marbled White, 25 Meadow Brown,  2 Ringlet and 4 Small Heath.

Tuesday 23rd June 2020: Orange- tailed Clearwing moth recorded on the Common for the first time

Saturday 20th June 2020: The following were recorded on the Butterfly Transect:  3 Large Skipper, 6 Large White, 12 Small White, 1 Green- veined White, 1 Purple Hairstreak, 1 Small Copper, 1 Holly Blue, 1 Red Admiral, 12 Small Tortoiseshell, 4 Comma, 3 Speckled Wood, 16 Marbled White, 21 meadow Brown, 9 Ringlet and 4 Small Heath.

Saturday 20th June 2020:  Red- belted Clearwing moth recorded on Hartlebury Common for the first time when 8 males responded to a pheromone lure.  Also recorded were 4 Yellow- legged Clearwing moths.  Else where on the Common the following species were recorded:  Painted Lady, Essex Skipper, Scarlet Tiger moth and Beewolf wasp.

Tuesday 16th June 2020:  A pair of Spotted Flycatcher now present.  4 male Yellow-legged Clearwing recorded using pheromone lure on SE side of the Common

Sunday 14th June 2020:  11 Scarce Chasers recorded at Hillditch Pool.  There were 10 males (4 with mating scars) and 1 female.  Also of note were 4 Emperor dragonflies  (3 males and an egg-laying female)

Thursday 11th June 2020: Spotted Flycatcher present on edge of the Common

Saturday 30th May 2020: A female Yellow-  legged Clearwing moth was present in the area between the Old Rose and Crown pub and a Clubtail dragonfly was also observed there. At Hillditch the Scarce Chaser dragonflies have now put in an appearance with 2 males and a female recorded.

Wednesday 20th May 2020: Two male Emperor dragonflies, 2 Four- spotted Chaser and an imm./female Broad- bodied Chaser were observed on Rush Pool.  A male Broad- bodied Chaser was present at The Bog.  Also, Red- eyed Damselflies have now emerged at Hillditch Pool.  There were 14 spikes of Tower Mustard present in an undisclosed area of the Common

Sunday 17th May 2020: A Cuckoo is still present and calling frequently on the Lower Poolands area of the Common.

Thursday 14th May 2020: Moorhens have fledged 3 young on Rush Pool

Tuesday 12th May 2020: First Small Heath butterfly of the year recorded near Rush Pool

Sunday 10th May 2020:   Eight Green Hairstreak butterflies active at their known territory on the Lower Heath area of Hartlebury Common.  Also a Lesser Whitethroat singing nearby

Friday 8th May 2020:  Two male Cuckoos present and both calling regularly on the Common

Wednesday 6th May 2020: A Grass Snake was observed on the Common

Tuesday 5th May 2020:  A Garden Warbler was singing and showing on/off on the Lower Heath.  Also, 3 Green Hairstreaks were observed on this area of the Common.

Monday 27th April 2020: Peregrine flew over the Common during the afternoon.  Also of note was a Lesser Whitethroat that was singing from the Embankment

Thursday 23rd April 2020:  Cuckoo returned to the Common

Thursday 16th April 2020: 3 Common Whitethroats singing at the Lower Heath area of the Common.  Also, 2 Common Heath moths observed on the wing

Tuesday 14th April 2020:  The first Green Hairstreak butterfly of the year seen on the Common this afternoon

Tuesday 7th April 2020: At least 4 singing Willow Warblers newly in on the Common today.  Linnet numbers have also increased over the past week with more singing males back on territory. Butterflies:  2 male Brimstone, 2 male Orange Tip, 1 Small White, 6 Peacock and 4 Small Tortoiseshell were recorded.  A single male Emperor Moth was also seen patrolling and at the nesting area a count of 22 Early Colletes Bees were observed.

Tuesday 24th March 2020: A pair of Ravens have been heard and seen for the last few weeks over the south east corner of the common.

Tuesday 24th March 2020: Brimstone butterfly seen in woods in south east corner of common.

Saturday 21st March 2020: A Dark- edged Bee- fly was observed at Hillditch

Monday 16th March 2020: A Peacock butterfly was observed basking on the sandy slopes of the embankment

Saturday 14th March 2020: First Chiffchaff of the Spring back on the Common and singing

Thursday 12th March 2020: A male and female Stonechat were present at the former plantation area.  Elsewhere, a Common Lizard was seen basking on Lower Heath.

Saturday 7th March 2020: A presumed Noctule bat was seen day- flying high over Hillditch Pool and the adjacent paddock

Thursday 27th February 2020:  A queen Buff- tailed Bumblebee and small numbers of Pine Ladybirds were active.  A Green Woodpecker and Meadow Pipit were also of interest

Tuesday 18th February 2020: A Raven was present over the lower terrace of the Common this afternoon

Wednesday 5th February 2020:  A pair of Bullfinch were present in the SE Oak wood this afternoon.  A small number of Honey Bees are now on the wing visiting Gorse flowers

Saturday 1st February 2020: A Great Spotted Woodpecker was drumming from trees alongside Hillditch Pool.   A number of Song Thrushes are now in song around the Common. Snowdrops now in flower in a handful of locations

Friday 24th January 2020: A Common Snipe was flushed from the now wet Bog and flew off heading SSW

Saturday 18th January 2020:  Two Lesser Redpolls feeding in Alders at Hillditch Pool alongside 9 Goldfinch

Wednesday 15th January 2020: Lesser Celandine starting to flower at Hillditch Coppice

Wednesday 8th January 2020:  Scarlet Elfcup fungi now out near Rush Pool

Friday 3rd January 2020: A variety of fungi recorded on the Common today including Cow-pat Gem (Cheilymenia granulata), Witches Butter (Exidia glandulosa), Exidia plana, Purple Jelly Disc, Sulphur Tuft, Turkey Tail and Hairy Curtain Crust.

Sunday 22nd December 2019: 2 Lesser Redpoll were present in a Silver Birch near SE Heath.  Also of note in area were a male Kestrel and a male Sparrowhawk

Thursday 21st November 2019:  A Lesser Redpoll was present at the SE Oak wood.  Also 3 Meadow Pipits flew over heading west.

Monday 4th November 2019: 1 Meadow Pipit present in the former plantation area.  The Marsh Tit remains in the SE Oak wood

Tuesday 29th October 2019:  13 Lesser Redpoll flew over the Common calling as they headed West.  The Marsh Tit remains in the SE Oak wood area.

Sunday 27th October 2019: 4 Meadow Pipits feeding in grassy areas amongst heather on SE heath.  Marsh Tit still present at SE Oak wood. 2 Peacock butterflies observed basking on south facing side of dead Oak tree.

Wednesday 23rd October 2019: A single Blackening Waxcap and many Snowy Waxcap fungi out on Lower Heath.  Marsh Tit still present at edge of SE Oak wood

Tuesday 22nd October 2019: A Marsh Tit was present in the SE Oak Wood this afternoon (first record of this species for in recent years).  A Meadow Pipit was flushed from the SE heath.

Saturday 5th October 2019: The scarce Ivy leaf spider Nigma walckenaeri recorded on Hartlebury Common for the first time.  2 recorded on Ivy leaves at the SE Oak wood

Tuesday 17th September 2019: Fly Agaric fungi now out on Lower Heath

Monday 2nd September 2019: Ivy Bees (Colletes hederae) now active around nest sites on the Common

Sunday 18th August 2019: 5 Brown Argus recorded on the Common (2 on Lower Heath and 3 on SE area of heathland).  Also today, 2 male Emerald Damselflies present on Rush Pool

Tuesday 6th August 2019: There are now 2 Green Woodpeckers present on the SE side of the Common

Monday 5th August 2019: The following butterflies were recorded on the transect: 1 Small/Essex Skipper; 13 large White; 11 Small White; 8 Green-veined White; 7 Small Copper; 2 Brown Argus; 1 Common Blue; 3 Holly Blue; 4 painted lady; 4 Peacock; 5 Speckled Wood; 191 Gatekeeper; 36 meadow Brown; 1 Small Heath.

Thursday 1st August 2019: The following butterflies were recorded on the Transect:  6 Small/Essex Skipper; 11 large White; 8 Small White; 15 Green-veined White; 1 Purple Hairstreak; 5 Small Copper; 1 Painted Lady; 1 Small Tortoiseshell; 4 Peacock; 9 Speckled Wood; 109 Gatekeeper; 9 Meadow Brown; 1 Ringlet; 2 Small Heath.

Thursday 1st August 2019: There were 2 Migrant Hawkers present along path at side of The Bog.  2 Lesser Stag Beetles founder underneath a decaying log.  Juvenile Green Woodpecker still present on SE side of the Common.

Wednesday 24th July 2019: The following Butterflies recorded on upper Terrace:  5 Small/Essex Skipper, 5 Large White, 4 Small White, 2 Green- veined White, 2 Purple Hairstreak, 3 Small Copper, 6 Peacock, 2 Comma, 3 Speckled Wood, 52 Gatekeeper, 19 Meadow Brown, 3 Ringlet and 1 Small Heath. 

Tuesday 23rd July 2019: A Painted Lady caterpillar discovered on a thistle in it’s larval tent.

Sunday 21st July 2019: A juvenile Green Woodpecker was present this afternoon.  This is the first sighting of this former Hartlebury Common breeding species in 2019.

Thursday 18th July 2019: A 2nd brood female Brimstone butterfly present on western side of the Common.  Two Yellow-legged Clearwing moths also present

Tuesday 16th July 2019: Butterfly transects recorded a total of 219 butterflies: 32 Small/Essex Skippers (probably mostly Essex), 2 Large White; 16 Small White, 1 Green- veined White, 2 Purple Hairstreak, 5 Small Copper, 1 Small Tortoiseshell, 3 Comma, 6 Speckled Wood, 7 Marbled White, 84 Gatekeeper, 27 Meadow Brown, 20 Ringlet, 2 Small Heath.

Sunday 14th July 2019:  A queen Brown-  banded Carder Bee (Bombus humilis) was observed on the SE side of the Common

Saturday 13th July 2019:  Long- winged Conehead nymph discovered at Lower Heath.  This is a first site record for this species of bush cricket.

Friday 12th July 2019: Lots of Beewolf and Sand Tailed Digger Wasps on the common today.

Monday 8th July 2019: 196 butterflies recorded on the transect: 13 Small Skipper, 1 Essex Skipper, 9 Large White, 1 Small White, 2 Small Copper, 3 Painted Lady, 2 Comma, 4 Speckled Wood, 26 Marbled White, 76 Meadow Brown, 54 Ringlet, 5 Small Heath.

Monday 8th July 2019: Beewolf (Philanthus triangulum) wasps now on the wing on the Common

Sunday 7th July:  3 Essex Skippers recorded on Lower Heath this afternoon (Small Skippers also present).  Also, a single Gatekeeper was present on bracken near The Bog.

Saturday 6th July:  Despite the damp drizzly conditions, 12 Pantaloon Bees (11 male and 1 female) were recorded at rest on a number of thistle flowers.

Friday 5th July 2019: 111 butterflies recorded on the transect today.  2 Purple Hairstreak, 2 Small Copper, 3 Painted Lady, 1 Small Tortoiseshell, 1 Comma, 4 Speckled Wood, 8 Marbled White, 59 Meadow Brown, 25 Ringlet, 5 Small Heath and a Yellow Shell moth.

Thursday 4th July 2019: Pantaloon Bees (Dasypoda hirtipes) now active on SE area of the Common.  Adult Mottled Grasshoppers also observed today

Monday 1st July 2019: Good numbers of Yellow- legged Clearwing moth present with 5 females and 3 males recorded

Friday 28th June 2019: A family party of Spotted Flycatchers present.  Also first Small Skipper butterfly of the year observed.  A Hobby flew west over the Common at 8:40 pm

Thursday 27th June 2019:  4 male Scarce Chasers observed at Hillditch Pool today, two of which were showing visible mating scars (a sign of successful breeding)

Thursday 27th June 2019: 83 butterflies were recorded on the transect. 2 Large Skipper, 1 Large White, 1 Small Copper, 2 Red Admiral, 17 Painted Lady, 5 Small Tortoiseshell, 1 Peacock, 4 Marbled White, 19 Meadow Brown, 25 Ringlet, 6 Small Heath

Wednesday 26th June 2019: A single Painted Lady butterfly was present on the Lower Heath

Saturday 22nd June 2019: The following species and counts were recorded on the Butterfly Transect:  1 Small White, 1 Large White, 2 Common Blue, 3 Small Tortoiseshell, 2 Peacock, 2 Speckled Wood, 9 Meadow Brown, 2 Ringlet, 14 Small Heath

Friday 21st June 2019: A mating pair of Scarce Chasers observed at Hillditch Pool

Sunday 16th June 2019: White-  legged Damselfly (female) at Lower Heath

Saturday 1st June 2019:  Scarce Chaser dragonflies emerged at Hillditch Pool.  Brown Argus on wing at Lower Heath

Sunday 19th May 2019: Red Kite drifted over the Common during Green Hairstreak hunt event.  12 Green Hairstreaks and 1 male Emperor Moth were observed during event

Saturday 18th May 2019:  Water Ladybird recorded at Hillditch Pool (first record of this species at the site)

Saturday 11 May 2109:  First annual sighting of Minotaur Beetle on the Common

Friday 3rd May 2019: Garden Warbler singing at edge of SE Oak wood

Sunday 21st April 2019: Lesser Whitethroat singing

Saturday 20th April 2019: Cuckoo calling

Friday 19th April 2019:  First Green Hairstreak butterfly on wing

Sunday 7th April 2019: Bloody- nosed Beetles now active on Common

Sunday 7th April 2019: Dotted Bee- Fly (Bombylius discolor) recorded at Hartlebury Common for the first time

Thursday 28th March 2019: First Emperor Moth of year observed

Wednesday 20th March 2019: Early Colletes bees (Colletes cunicularius) now active at nest site