One of the benefits of being a paid member of Hartlebury Common Local Group is that, not only does your money help support the group in it’s conservation projects on the Common, but your membership also allows you exclusive access to the group’s extensive lending library of natural history books and field guides.

These are the current books available on loan to Members of Hartlebury Common Local Group. Some have been donated and some are new:

The Moths of the British Isles, Series One and Two –   South
Moths of the West Midlands –   Ed: Simpson, Duncan & Williams
Butterflies of the West Midlands –   Ed: Duncan et al.
Practical Guide to the Butterflies of Worcestershire –   Green
Natural History of the Butterflies and Moths of Shropshire –   Riley
Complete Guide to British Butterflies –   Brooks & Knight
Butterflies of the British Isles x 2 –   Thomas
Walking with Butterflies –   West Midland Branch, Butterfly Conservation
Mitchell Beazley Pocket Guide to Butterflies –   Whalley
Solitary Bees –   Benson
The Field Guide to the Bees of Great Britain and Ireland –   Falk Bumblebees –   Prys-   Jones & Corbet                                                                          
The Conservation of Bees & Wasps –   NCC
The Dragonflies of Great Britain & Ireland –   Hammon
Field Guide to the Dragonflies & Damselflies of GB and Ireland –   Brooks & Cham
Worcestershire’s Orthoptera –   Farmer  
A Comprehensive Guide to Insects of Britain & Ireland, 2nd Edition –   Brock
Plant Galls –   Redfern & Askew  
Field Guide to the Land Snails of Britain and Northwest Europe –   Kerney & Cameron
The Conservation of Snails, Slugs and Freshwater Mussels –   Kerney & Stubbs  
The World of Spiders – Bristowe
The Country Life Guide to Spiders of Britain and Northern Europe –   Jones  
The British Ornithologists Guide to Bird LifeEd: Flegg
Collins Complete Guide to British Birds (photographic) –   Sterry
Collins Bird Guide –   Svensseon
The Mitchell Beazley Birdwatcher’s Pocket Guide –   Hayman
RSPB Management of Heathland for Nightjars at Minsemere –   Burgess, Evan & Sorensen
Field Guide to the Nests, Eggs & Nestlings of British and European Birds –   Harrison  
Mosses, Lichens & Ferns of Northwest North America – Vitt, Marsh & Bovey
Collins Wild Flower Guide –   Streeter et al New Concise British Flora –   Keble Martin Buttercups – Hubbard
Excursion Flora of the British Isles –   Clapham, Tutin & Warburg
Collins Complete Guide to British Mushrooms & Toadstools (photographic) –   Sterry & Hughes
The Genus Hygrocybe –  
The Collins Guide to Mushrooms & Toadstools –   Lange & Bayard Hora  
Guide to the study of Freshwater Ecology –   Ed: Andrews
Guide to the Study of Freshwater Biology –   Needham & Needham  
Worcestershire’s Mammals –   Green et al
The Realm of the Fallow Buck –   Bradley
Collins Guide to Animal Tracks and Signs –   Bang & Dahlstrom  
Grasslands and scrub –   Chris Packham
Rocky Shoreland –   Chris Packham
Heathlands –   Chris Packham
Heathlands, Natural History of Britain’s Lowland Heaths –   Webb
Lowland acid grassland –   English Nature
Heathland Management –   Farrell
Hampshire’s Countryside Heritage; Heathland –   Hazel
Action For Staffordshire Heathland, Conference Report 14/3/1991
Management of Grassland & Heathland in Country Parks –   Lowday & Wells Hedges and Verges –   Dowdswell  
A Field Guide to the Trees of Britain and Northern Europe –   Mitchell
Guidelines for identifying ancient woodland –   Natural England
The Natural History of an English Forest –   Hickin
Woodland rides and glades: their management for wildlife –   Warren & Fuller
Hartlebury Common –   Tucker, Zaluckyi & Alma
Stourport on Severn –   Anne Bradford
Natural History in the Highlands and Islands –   Darling
A Natural History of Man in Britain –   Fleure

For details of how to borrow the books please ring: 01299 824860