Scarce Chaser (Libellula fulva)

The Scarce Chaser is the jewel in the crown of Hartlebury Common and Hillditch Pool’s dragonflies, inhabiting slow flowing meandering rivers with plenty of emergent vegetation.  In 2012 it was discovered at Hillditch Pool, a slow- moving brook fed mill pond, and it has bred annually since then.  After emerging, the immature Scarce Chasers are bright orange but as they mature they become either orange/brown as a female, or develop a blue colouration to the abdomen with a black tip as a male.  The males can be told apart from the similar looking male Black- tailed Skimmer by its blue eyes (dark green in the latter) and the black triangular markings in the base of its hind wings.  After mating, males will often show mating scars (dark patches on their abdomen where a female has clasped on).