Lesser Whitethroat (Sylvia curruca)

Lesser Whitethroat is the scarcer of the summer visiting Whitethroats that you may see.  Only one or two of these migrant warblers arrive on the Common in Spring.  It looks very similar to its more frequently seen relative the Common Whitethroat but has a duller grey/brown back and darker grey patches on its cheeks.  The best way to tell the two species apart though is by call and the Lesser Whitethroats call is unmistakable with its melodic rattling warble that is sometimes described as sounding like a baby’s rattle.  Lesser Whitethroats tend to perch out much less frequently than Common Whitethroats when singing and can be an elusive and seldom seen species as they skulk in the vegetation.  A Lesser Whitethroats song can be heard at the following link:

 Lesser Whitethroat Song